Mark Crumpacker – A Leader in Creative Marketing Strategy

Mark Crumpacker has more than two decades of experience as a marketing and strategy specialist. Skilled in the art of emotional storytelling, he focuses on delivering quality marketing content that sends the best possible message to consumers. To achieve this goal, Mark Crumpacker draws upon years of experience in the realm of consumer behavior and its effect on brands’ marketing strategies. He recently served as the Chief Marketing Officer and President of Zume Culinary at Zume Inc., the Silicon Valley company that has revolutionized the pizza delivery business through its fleet of mobile kitchens outfitted with smart ovens. The company had also developed a B2B platform for food companies.


Early in his career, Mr. Crumpacker led a team of 200 employees as CEO of the marketing and development firm Studio Archetype. In 1997, he oversaw the company’s acquisition by Sapient. He then joined Sapient, serving as vice president until 1999.

Two years later, Mark Crumpacker leveraged his business acumen to cofound his own company, Sequence, LLC. He guided the firm as CEO over the course of seven years, during which time he directed mobile app creation and marketing strategy for the firm’s diverse portfolio of clients. Salesforce acquired the company in 2017.

More recently, Mark Crumpacker served as Chipotle’s chief marketing & strategy officer. During his nine years in this role, he maintained executive leadership duties while formulating highly creative marketing strategies for the multinational firm. Most notably, he helped generate original digital marketing content such as television programs for iTunes and Hulu. He also developed “The Scarecrow,” a film and mobile game that won two Daytime Emmy Awards. Throughout his tenure at Chipotle, Mr. Crumpacker also served as president of the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, an organization he established to promote sustainability and integrity in agriculture.

Mark Crumpacker studied economics at the University of Colorado and earned a bachelor of fine arts in advertising and graphic design from the ArtCenter College of Design.